Receive Fax With Free Fax Number In US

We can find free sending fax service in internet easily but receive fax is hard to get it, caused you need to subscribe their fax service monthly charge.Fax digits can receive fax feature mentioned in my previous post already shut down it’s service,here have another free internet receiving fax service sharing with you is provided free voicemail and fax messages where you can receive fax service and voice messages which will forwarding to your email address.K7.netgiving 10 digits US fax number during sign up as a user where people can send fax and leave voice message to you.The fax messages you can check through in web site or your email.The sender can sending multiple pages in fax transmission but limit to 2 MB file size,all fax files will save as .tif file format ( You can view it with InfanView ).The 10 digits K7.netnumber becomes inactive after 30 days and terminated for non-use,you can register as a new user again but the number will different.Sign up and more details please read FAQ.

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