Real-time Earthquakes : Google Maps Gadget Tool

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that devastated Sichuan,China and surrounding provinces caused more than ten thousand peoples death .If you want to know the place in planet happening an earthquake,or previous time the earthquake occurred,you can use Google Maps tool to view it .

This maps is developed by US Geological Survey (Ministry of the Interior United States Geological Survey) that allows us knowing earthquake happen the whole world in one hour, day, week of around the world instantly .

Open to this website and click ‘Add it to maps

This Google Maps gadget marked with different colors of the previous and lastest earthquake occurred, with M1 ~ M8 different sizes to represent the circle Earthquake, the greater the circle, the greater scale of magnitude . Left side of the page “10 Most Recent Earthquakes” listed 10 data of recent happen earthquake in the world, we can click directly the recent earthquake to know where the place occurred .

The details shows are quite completed include magnitude,location,region,distances and parameter.

Moreover,it also provided all kinds of earthquake map, so that we can more understanding of the relevant geographic information, the local earthquake records over the years .It was quite informatics to those who wants to know earthquake related information .