How To Read Text Message On Whatsapp And LINE Invisible And Offline

WhatsApp and LINE are mobile free text messaging app which allow to make sending text message whenever and wherever you are over the internet. The last seen option on Whatsapp and LINE messenger read sign may be problematic and awkward if you don’t want to show someone when you have checked or read text message but unfortunately Whatsapp and LINE doesn’t allow options for invisible or offline status.

We have to look for some rescue other than Whatsapp or LINE app itself to hide the updated last seen time and read sign to others. Whatsapp for android users may install simple app known as “Last Not Seen” or “WhatsApp Toolbox” restrict Whatsapp updating your online status, then no one will be able to see the last time you have used and text message read on Whatsapp. iPhone users can use “Last Seen Timestamp” option by go Settings > Advanced > Last Seen Timestamp and turn it OFF.


Offline Read Text Message On Whatsapp And LINE

Now android users can install notification history from Google Play Store which records all notifications include text messages sent by apps and read them later. All the text messages sending by Whatsapp or LINE will collect by notification history android apps, you can read through all the messages inside this app without open Whatsapp or LINE messengers, it’s does not appear on LINE shows the message has been read or update the latest time on Whatsapp.

After Notification history app installed, go to Settings > Accessibility > Turn ON notification history option.

Offline Read text message on whatsapp


Now open notification history app. As your phone receives any notification or text messages all will display into this app.

Notification history android app allow read whatsapp and line message offline


Read text message on Whatsapp or LINE by tapping on it, by the way LINE app will not shows up the text message has been read by recipient (I use LINE app as example).

Invisible read line app messagesFree text messaging app

There are another android app that allow read LINE and Facebook Messenger chat messages offline called Message Peeping Tom.