Quixey: Apps Search Engine For Android,iPhone,iPad And More

How you find exactly right apps to use for your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry, Symbian and Mac, even Chrome web apps ? Most of the apps we are installed are recommend by friends, blog or forum but sometimes will not exactly we wanted. Quixey is functional apps search engine allowing users to find apps by describing what they want to do, you can try this if felt the app installed is not suitable for you.

Quixey not only searching apps for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones but able to find apps for desktop and web application that almost across all platform.You just enter specific search query in the searching bar in home page and showing the results immediately.

Quixey Apps Search

I typed 「 Siri 」as my query and more than 100 apps available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Facebook and etc. Each platform showed available apps and click it which you felt interested.

quixey app search engine


As  roll down Quixey results web page, you can filter out to showed you free apps only, moreover there have advanced search to let you find apps in related custom view.

quixey search engine


If you like to try new app or find exactly apps for your smartphone, Quixey should it be bookmarks in your web browser.