Quake Live : Web Game

quakelive 2

As i heard about ‘Quake Live’ game and knowing it as a FPS game that can play with web browser supported ( IE and Firefox only ),i was shocked how can it be done.After went through the registration and install the Quake Live plugin for web browser,then i known really can play the Quake game in web browser.

1.First you have to going to http://www.quakelive.com register as a member,submit your personnel details include email address and go to your register email to verify the email address by click the link or enter the verification code.

2.You have to download a Quake Live plugin for web browser and running the installer,then restart the web browser.

3.You must go through a ‘training mode’ game before take part of the quake live game to make sure you are familiar all the setting.

quakelive 1

4.After completed 10 minutes game ,then you can start playing quake live game.

Enjoy the game.

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