Easiest Way Push Content From Desktop To iPhone, With QPush

How to push content from desktop to tablet or smartphone if you browsing great articles, pictures or links in internet ? Copy and paste contents then email yourself or create a shortened URLs as ours normal practiced.

If you own an iPhone, QPush (快推) is a easy and fast way to push content from desktop to your iPhone. You can send links, messages, notes, reminders and addresses to your iPhone from browser, then launch it from notification bar, now only supports Google Chrome browser and iPhone (future will introduce android version). Let’s take a look at what else QPush can do for you.

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Using QPush

Download iPhone app and install, then open it. Before you can start pushing notification content, you will need to set up push name and code for your device. First tap “OK” allow the app send you push notification.

QPush iOS app push content

Then create a “Push Name” and send out, you will be confirm with a set of push name and code immediately.

Qpush iPhone app

Now install Chrome extension, a icon appeared at top right corner of chrome browser. Enter in push name and code that just obtained from iPhone app, click “Setup”.

Push Link

You can send a web link to your device. Click the icon then click “Push this web link”.

Send web link to iphone

Once you have pushed it to your iPhone, iPhone will receive push link notification immediately. After tapping on the push notification, we can perform variety actions like “Copy and Paste”, “SMS” and “Open it”.

Open links on Qpush

Push Messages

You can type long message on web browser without using iPhone small keyboard or want sharing long content to your friends, click “Send out” after completed.

Type SMS on Chrome browser and send to iphone

Swipe the message from right to left direction view the content, otherwise swipe from left to right is to delete content.

Push Address Or Coordinate

If you like to look for addresses online or a coordinate where need navigation by iPhone, copy and paste the details then send out from browser.

Tap on “Maps” option start navigation with Apple Maps.

Other Things You Can Do With QPush

1.Install iOS Apps

Want to install iPhone app directly ? Simply paste the app URL and send through Chrome browser. Then open it and start to download app to iPhone.

2.Access QPush With Web Service

Other web browser users can access its web service. Fill in push name and code then push content like using chrome browser.

Push content to browser

3.Set Multiple Push

If you own more than one iOS devices, click on settings icon > “Set up push devices”, add in another push name and code. After that you can choose which devices to send out push notification content.

Push web content from Google Chrome


Official website and its iPhone app are using Chinese Traditional language. However the app application is not difficult to use and i suggest you use either Google Chrome to browse the website if you do not speak Chinese, as you can translate it to a language you speak then, or a browser and a translation add-on for it. Additionally, you cannot push multiple devices at once and as of this writing.

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