Protect iPhone / iPad HOME Button With ShakeToUnlock [Cydia]

iPhone and iPad HOME button always a common issue for all iOS users, the home button in AssistiveTounch feature of iOS 5 can be help reduce pressing HOME button to avoid physical damage. How above for auto lock to turn off screen for power saver ? You still to have pressing HOME button to turn on iPhone or iPad screen. 「ShakeToUnlock」is a Cydia app help to reduce HOME button damage to unlock screen by shake the devices.

There are many options to let you determine what kinds of shake to unlock screen as using ShakeToUnlock, you can set to shake one time or two times, even shake left right or up and down, by this way home button on iOS devices will be safe and will not damage easily.


ShakeToUnlock Home Button

Previously ShakeToUnlock in paid app in Cydia but as it upgrade to support iOS 5, now is free for use.

Find ShakeToUnlock in Cydia and download it ( After jailbreak ).

You can’t find any ShakeToUnlock icon after installed, need go to setting to change the option that suit you needed.