Protect And Hide Files With Protect Me!

Due to security concern we using simple method such as hidden files or encryption software protect confidential content in the computer.‘Protect Me!’ is a software that let you added confidential files in a executive container with password protected.

Protect Me! is using AES (Rijndael) encryption to encrypt the content with SHA1 password validation and compiles it into a standalone .exe file.Thus it’s impossible to open up a protection file without a password.1.Download Protect Me! ( need NET Framework 3.5 ) and unzipped.Then running ‘Protect Me! 2010.exe’ file and drag the files that need protected into Protect Me window.

2.Type in the password and click ‘Create Container’.Create a filename and locate a save place as a pop up window asking where to save the EXE container.A ‘Successfully finished’ message appeared and click ‘OK’.

3.If you want to run that protected EXE.file,double click on it and key in the password,then click ‘Validate’.

4.Now you can extract the files by the options with ‘Run’,’Save As’ or ‘Extract Everything’.