Process Killer: Stop Background Processes And Free Up Memory For iPhone/iPad

You can’t find any memory or processes killer features in iPhone or iPad free up memory to boost up device speed. Before that having two iOS apps XSysinfo and SYSTEM Manager for Memory, Processes, Battery & Network appeared in iTunes app store to help iPhone and iPad kill all process background and free up memory but already pull down by Apple. Process Killer is a new app in iTunes app store that having similar application with apps mentioned above that can free up ram and now is free for limited time. If your iPhone or iPad is lack of memory and running not smoothly, this app may help you.

Process Killer is universal app (supports iPhone and iPad), this app can perform background check and showing all processes running in background for iPhone and iPad, others than that memory consumption also showed. You will know which processes running in background consume more memory then can free up ram manually.


Free Up Memory With Stop Background Processes

All you need is just pull and release the processes list, this app will close all the app running at background one by one and a progress bar showed at top of the screen, the app will close automatically after stop running apps at background and free up memory completed .

free up memory for iOS


Process Killer designed for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Download Process Killer from iTunes app store.

PS: Please download as soon as possible and this app may pull down from iTunes app store at any time.