Privnote :Your Private Message Auto Destroy After Read

“Privnote” is a very simple function website with provided a “highly confidential” information transmission network, we can write a message in Privnote website, then will create a unique “mail address link”. When other read the text message that you wrote, this text will be disappear as you closed the website window.Due to text message has been encrypted, the network monitoring software can’t detect the content of the message.

Website :Privnote

1.Enter text messages, press (Post it!) Button.


2.If you needed email can be automatically sent to you after the message has been read, check the “Notify me when this note is read”, then enter your email and note reference .


3.After submit, you can get a unique URL and then pass this link to others who want to read this message.


4. After read the message and closed the website window, the message will go away, even after it was opened the same link also fail to read the same message.


5.If you put a check in “Notify me when this note is read” , you will receive a notification email to inform you that the message in Privnote has been reading already .


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