Prevent Facebook Hack With Three Simple Steps

Yesterday came across news in Malaysia because of Facebook hack, the hackers using a guy account without his acknowledge having obscene conversation with a woman then lost his part-time job at the end.Now Facebook‘s popularity and become main target for hackers try to steal login and account information as Facebook password hack, invade to your Facebook privacy or having own agenda with your account.

In order to protect ours own privacy and prevent your Facebook friend become victims, we shall need take necessary step protect ours Facebook account properly.

STEP 1: Enable HTTPS Secure Browsing more secure as it use encryption to block any spy on your network traffic.Facebook supports HTTPS secure connection and it’s helpful if you are connected to Facebook from public WiFi or internet cafe.

Go to Home > Account Settings > Security > check on the item and save it.

facebook hack

STEP 2: Login Notification


have an option to notify account owners about logins from other PCs and mobile devices.You will be asking register it with a name that associates with your device as first time login.

facebook hack


You will not be seeing this page again when you login from the same computer. But if Facebook detects your attempt to connect from another computer, you will receive notifications about your login history directly to your email then you can track any suspicious login attempts to your Facebook account.

Same go to Security option and select login notification, check on 「Email 」and 「Text message/Push notification」 and save it.

facebook hack

STEP 3: Turn On Login Approvals

You will be receive SMS whenever someone tries to access your Facebook account with correct username and password from unauthorized devices, only recognized devices can be skip this verification.Now Facebook users be notified if someone attempts log in from unauthorized devices and can change account password to protect account further.

facebook hack


Go to Security option and select login approvals, then check on the item and save it.It will guide you how to set up phone verification and receive SMS verification code to completed login approvals setup.

Find out more about Facebook privacy.

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