PowerShadow : Can Protect Your Computer Without Install Any Security Software And Giveaway

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Two months ago i was wrote a article regarding Returnil virtual System that can protect your computer without installed any protecting software,but disadvantage of this is protected C drive only.Now i introduced you another similar software is PowerShadow.

PowerShadow has similar function with Returnil virtual system that create a ‘virtual’ or ‘shadow’ for your computer operating system and you will operate or any installations in virtual operating system environment.This different is PowerShadow can protect whole disk drive or other drive partition (optional),not C drive only.

PowerShadow uses the most unique and innovative technology – -Virtualization Technology to clone a virtual operating system, identical and fully functional as the original, named Shadow Mode. Everything you do in Shadow Mode is virtual. Therefore, when virus and malicious software attacks, it does not attack your real system, but the clone of the operating system.Therefore, when you exit PowerShadow mode, everything (except what you save to a non-system drive) vanishes. Likewise, if a virus attacks, it attacks the clone system. If spyware is installed, it is installed on the clone system only. If you delete a file, you only have deleted a clone file, leaving the original untouched.In Shadow Mode, users are given the power to use computer freely without worrying about the negative impact on the operating system. For instance, PowerShadow makes it possible for you to surf on the internet, open important but suspicious files/emails that might have been infected by virus.

It is easy to use.You need to beware that this software have 2 types of Shadow mode – full and single.In single shadow mode,it is only system partition ( your window location ) to be cloned,full shadow mode means cloned whole disk drive.To be more secured,it’s better use full shadow mode.
For your more understanding,refer below picture,

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PowerShadow supported Window 2000/2003/XP only.You can download from here.This is a shareware that giving you a 30 days try run,it cost USD 39.00.If you are interested for this software,i can offer you with free that giving you a product key.

Same as previous giveaway,those who interested these software,please enter your email address at subscribe via email and click subscribe,

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Next check for your email inbox for verification message from Feedburner with click the link that sent to you,you would see a message ’email subscription confirm’ appeared.Existing subscriber or RSS subscriber who never got product key before please sent a email to me or sent the message in comment for getting the product key.

I will select one email subscriber who can get this free product key every day till all the Powershadow product key giveaway ( total 5 product keys giveaway from 18/4 ~22/4 ).

The winners will be announced on 25/4/08.

After installation and run the PowerShadow,please key in the product key that i provided and this software will be full version.

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PS: Please don’t share your product key with others and will causing invalid.