Pop Up Play Video On Any Android Platform Like Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 having two awesome new application S voice and Pop Up Play.Pop Up Play support multitasking application for Android platform, it’s can show the video on the top of Android phone screen then you can watch the video and running others application at the same time.

Now you no need brought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and enjoy this great new application.Super Video, Floating & Popup Android app developed allow you adding pop up video play on any Android phone and tablet, same application with Samsung Galaxy S3.

Super Video, Floating & Popup app not only has a pop-up video player but can support up to six window screen video player on your phone (depend on phone hardware) at the same time with continuous playback feature.

Android App Pop Up Play

Download Super Video,Floating & Popup from Android Market (Free) and installed.Super Video, Floating & Popup app will scan all video stored inside phone and create thumbnail cache as first time running where supports MP4,H.264 etc video format;RMVB, FLV, MKV are not supported.

Android pop up video


Super Video, Floating & Popup free version able let you playing two video simultaneously on phone only. You can watch the video and browsing website or do something at the same time, tab the right-bottom corner of the video and drag to re-size the video frame and tab the center of the video and drag to move the window.

android pop up videoPop up video player


You can add the video to your favorite by tab the star icon then you can open the video quickly without any searching on phone.

Android pop up play


Super Video, Floating & Popup is free app on Google Play with some limitation, you can open up most go to two video and only can add two favorite video.need upgrade to professional version to enjoy more features.

Final Thoughts

Video window screen will fully cover your android phone if open up more than two videos, seem it’s not so useful as install on normal android phone but may good and fit in Android tablet which with wide-screen.

Download Super Video,Floating & Popup from Google Play.

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