How To Play iPad Version Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft On iPhone

Strategy card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft developed by Blizzard Entertainment was released recently, its available on the Microsoft Windows, OS X operating system and iPad. iPhone and Android version releases are planned for the second half of 2014.

Heroes of Warcraft quickly becoming the top application in the top free apps charts in many markets of iTunes app store. iPhone users have to wait as only the iPad version of Hearthstone available to iOS users. I will show the trick how to use iPad version of Heroes of Warcraft playing on your iPhone.

Tutorial Play Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft on iPhone


  • Jailbreak your iPhone
  • Download Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft with iTunes on PC.
  • Create user account on PC.
  • Download iFunbox for Windows.
  • Install iFile on iPhone.

Download App

Drag the game to desktop after download through iTunes. Then rename “Hearthstone 1.0.0.ipa” filename to “Hearthstone”.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Unzipped “Hearthstone” file, find “Hearthstone app” folder then drag it and stored on desktop.

Run iFunbox. Select “iFunbox Classic” > “Raw File System” > “Applications”, drag “Hearthstone app” folder to right panel of iFunbox.


Run iFile on iPhone. Tap on top left tabbed “< var” > “< /” back to top level folder list.

Modify Heroes of Warcraft permissions

Tap on “Applications” folder > “hearthstone app” folder, tap on “i” icon to modify permission.

Tap on “Group” ownership option and change property to “wheel”.

Then visit “Group” and “World” under category of access permissions, tick on “Read”, “Write” and “Execute” options.

Tap on “hearthstone app” folder and search for heartstone file, tap on “i” icon to modify permission again, change “Group” ownership to “wheel” and tick on “Read”, “Write” and “Execute” options on “Group” and “World” under category of access permissions.

Now reboot your iPhone.

Play the Game

Before start to play Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft game on iPhone, make sure your user account is create with PC (not iPhone). Moreover please check your account security and disable authenticator and mobile alerts these two protection, may cause can’t log in into the game.

Enjoy the game on iPhone now.

Play Heroes of Warcraft on iPhone