Play Earn To Die ,Zombie Survive Game

Earn To Die is a interesting online game that you need to survive with drive your way go through zombie in order reaching to destination.You need to upgrade your car,jet engines,wheels,suspensions, transmission and others smashing all the zombie or barrier,reach to the destination- helicopter.It’s easy playing and got fun.

earn to die game


Earn To Die website:



Up – accelerate
Down – brake
Left/Right – tilt
X – boost

earn to die game


You must try to earn the money as much as possible to upgrade your vehicles or others equipments overcome all the barrier and zombie in the Earn To Die game.By the way,control vehicles skill also important to let you go far away and reach destination in shorten time.

earn to die game


I need to have 26 days reach to destination in this game,how many days can you achieved ?


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