PlainOldFavorites : Firefox Share ‘Favorite’ With IE

Internet Explorer (IE) still the main web browser for those who surfing in internet.Due to some security issue ,we will using Firefox as alternative web browser.The main problem is as we found a interesting web site and needed put into bookmark (Firefox) or Favorite (IE),they can’t be synchronize with each other.If we use import and export function or Transmute,it was quite annoying.

Today a good news to you is using ‘PlainOldFavorites’ this Firefox add-on,Firefox can share ‘Favorite’ function with IE,in future as we added website in Firefox or IE,both favorites will synchronize at the same time,no need copy and paste the URl website to other web browser.

1.Download PlainOldFavorites 1.0.1 Firefox add-on and will noticed that ‘Favorites’ function add to Firefox as a item already.


2.Firefox will sharing ‘Favorite’ with IE and synchronize each other.