PixelCryptor : Encrypt Your File Into A Picture

Normally people will put a password protection in a file folder to prevent others access it in computer.Sometimes we will forget the password caused we have dozens of password need to remember and you might lose the data if you forgot the password. To make us to become easy,i introduce this software for you-PixelCryptor.

PixelCryptor is a software that encrypt your data with a choose of picture,no password to remember and you need a picture and take care of it only.Below is procedure how to encrypt and decrypt data with PixelCryptor,

Step 1 – Click the Encode Files,

Step 2 – Choose the folder or files that need to encrypt, then click Next ,( put a check will delete the original file after encryption )

Step 3 – Select a picture for encrypt,

Step 4 – Rename the encryption file and locate where to save the file,

Step 5 – Then click Next and the file encrypt already.

If you want to decrypt the file,click the decode file icon,then select the previous picture that use to encrypt.

Then select the file that have xxx.cgp filename and location to save the decrypt file.

Is it easy ? The important is kept and remember the picture that use for encryption and decryption file.I thought remember a picture is easier than remember a password.

Download PixelCryptor.