Pirate Windows 8 Activation With Media Center Pack License Key, Possible ?

These two days a news spread through internet regarding Windows users who running pirate copy of Windows 8 Pro can upgrade to a fully licensed and permanently activate Windows 8 Pro with a free Windows 8 Media Center offered by Microsoft. This technique allow users to get Windows 8 activation and a free copy of Windows 8 was described on Reddit.

Microsoft offering the Media Center Pack (WMC) for Windows 8 Pro as a free download. This offer was launched on Oct. 26 and is scheduled to run until Jan. 13, 2013.

Actually i had a copy of Windows 8 Pro installed on VMware for evaluation purpose that Windows 8 activation by using a Key Management Service (KMS) server, normally a PC that is activated using a KMS key has to check and renew its license every 180 days. Seem applying Media Center Pack (WMC) license key provided by Microsoft will get permanently activate Windows 8 and i wouldn’t worry about KMS server still be exist after 180 days, then i decide trying to upgrade getting Windows 8 Pro permanently with applying Media Center Pack (WMC) activation key, confirm the activate Windows 8 hack mentioned on Reddit is worked or not.


Windows 8 Activation With Media Center Pack (WMC) License Key

1.Running a new Command Prompt as Administrator where you need to type in slmgr /xpr to check expiration date of current license that i activate through KMS server, it’s showed Windows 8 activation expire date.

Windows 8 activation


2.Now apply the Media Center Pack (WMC) activation key into the new “Add Features to Windows 8” control panel to download and activate the Media Center components.

Windows media pack


3.Type in slmgr /xpr in command prompt as administrator again after reboot, it’s showed my Windows 8 Pro become permanently activated.

Windows 8 activation key


I can’t believe with this simply trick can activate Windows 8 easily. I won’t give in details on how to obtain a pirated copy of Windows 8 and activate it using a KMS server, this information can easily be found on various internet forums.

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