Piky Basket : Simple Way To Copy / Move Files Or Folders In Window

When you wanted copy or move different folders files to a flash drive or other places, how would you do this ? Use drag and move function with open multiple window or using window explorer ?All these methods are too troublesome, with a free “Piky Basket” this small software, you can use right-click menu, add a “small basket” feature, allows you putting the files in batches thrown into In the “basket”, and then managed with paste them all with once at target folders.

The concept of Piky Basket operation in quite simple, is to establish a temporary storage space,then memorize the files or folders that you selected then copy and paste the file or folder to selected folder.

Others features are ;

  • Piky Basket is a replacement for Windows file copy/paste operation
  • Piky Basket can be very useful when copying same set of files to different locations
  • Piky Basket can save lot of time when organizing files on your hard drive
  • Piky Basket can be used when taking backup of files and folders from different locations
  • Piky Basket can be used when burning a CD which requires copying of files and folders from different locations

Use Method

Piky Basket very easy to use, simply right-click on the file, select ‘Piky Basket’ and ‘Drop into the basket’ ,

picky basket-1

Then selected the target folder, such as flash drives, external hard drives,etc, right-click select ‘Piky Basket’ –> ‘Copy All’ or ‘ Move All’, the basket will be empty.

picky basket-2

If you want to delete the file or folder that already putting in ‘Drop into the Basket’, you can click ‘select’,a setup file window will pop up,

picky basket-3

Select ‘Ungrouped’ and click the file that need to delete,then press ‘Del’ button,the file will permanent delete from the basket .

Moreover,you also can right click select ‘Piky Basket’,then click on the ‘Empty Basket’,all the files or folder will be delete.

Download Piky basket ( freeware ) and supports Window all .