PicsPlay: Alternative AfterFocus Create DSLR Photos [Android]

Recently a Android and iOS app AfterFocus can create DSLR-style background blurred photo with smartphone,this will make objects of the photo sharp focused and background become blurry.All this you need to choose a image region that wish to be a clear focus by paint over the photo keep in focus and what areas want to blur by finger.

Using AfterFocus is hard for me with my big finger paint over a 3.7-inch display HTC One V phone,even though it’s come with build in Zoom feature let you fixing some paint error but seem that we need to use some time to get the thing done.What i prefer is like using photo filter effects then we can create a DSLR-style background blurred photo with only one or two steps set up easily,this kind of using paint over with finger would be having good experience apply to tablet that have a wide screen.

Create DSLR-style photo

PicsPlay – FX Photo Editor Android app is my favorite photo editing tool on my HTC One V phone.PicsPlay contains 110 presets with Scene,HDR,Blur,ART,Vintage,Grunge,Beauty,Professional,Color Splash and Black & White themes,just few taps your photo will be changed.

We can use Blur effect in PicsPlayto create a DSLR-style photo easily.First you need to choose take a photo or load photo from phone (if choose load photo from phone then need to transfer your photos to location path DCIM/100MEDIA,PicsPlay can’t recognize other photo path location and this would be a bug).

DSLR style photo


Then select 「FX Studio」 option and 「Blur」 effects.

DSLR style photoDSLR style photo


Now you can choose Blur effects option that make your photo become DSLR-style.

DSLR style photo


By adjusting the opacity we can have varied effects within a preset,click 「Apply」 after completed.

DSLR style photo


Below are the photos which using AfterFocus and PicsPlay create DSLR-style photo effects.


PicsPlay Photo 1

DSLR style photo


AfterFocus Photo 1

DSLR style photo


PicsPlay Photo 2

DSLR style photo


AfterFocus Photo 2

DSLR style photo


Any comment ? PicsPlay Android app free version come with ads banner and support to maximum 800px resolution only.

Download PicsPlay from Google Play.