PeerTV – Free P2P Internet TV

PPlive,Sopcast are P2P internet TV that can let you watch the video or TV program in internet.This P2P internet TV software are China products and some of you worried that some malicious program will be install inside your PC during running set up prosedure.Well let me share with you another P2P internet TV software,is PeerTV.

PeerTV is a Frence P2P internet TV let you watch TV program in internet same as PPlive or Sopcast,let start install the P2P software.Please use Google translate if you not familiar with french language

1.Download PeerTV software client for Windows .

2.Then install PeerTV software client ( use Window XP as set up example ),click ‘Suivant’ ( Next ),

peertv 1

3.Click ‘Qui’ ( Yes ) –> click ‘Suivant’ for 4 times,it will start running P2P software client installation.Click ‘Quitter’ ( Exit ) button after installation completed,all done.

peertv 2

Double click the TV or radio program then you can enjoy it.

peertv 3