Payoneer Debit Card With US Bank Account, Get $25 Bonus As Apply

Payoneer is an industry-leading provider of global mass payout services that make payouts to more than 200 countries in over 50 currencies worldwide. They provide secure, compliant and cost-effective way to offer cost-saving payout options, including prepaid debit cards, deposits to local banks worldwide, international wire transfers, mobile payments, local e-wallets and local-currency paper checks that serves thousands of companies and millions of payees around the world.

If you are doing work online such as freelancing, affiliate networks, Amazon/eBay sellers, app development etc and stayed outside US, you may headache finding a solution how to receive commercial payments from US companies in fast way. Let’s take an example, Amazon pay referral fees either send you a check, send you an gift certificate, or deposit your fees directly into your bank account, normally we will choose to receive gift certificate or check if staying outside of US, direct deposit unavailable for us caused we don’t have billing address in US. But now, we can receive payment from any US company if you are a account holder with Payoneer debit card.

Payoneer Debit card

Payoneer US payment service provides you with a US account and routing number enable you to receive payment from US company, even you are not staying in US, then withdraw funds from any ATM that contains the MasterCard symbol with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

Now both of us getting bonus $25.00 when apply Payoneer debit card through this link. Please take note this $25.00 will be rewarded as total amount in your account exceeds $100.00.

Apply Payoneer Debit Card

Click “Sign up” button create a Payoneer account. Then choose “Start Here” button and tick all the term and regulation.

Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card

Fill in all your personnel details and create password for your account in next steps, click “finish” button if completed. You will receive an email telling you now proceed to second step for approval.

US bank account

An approval email will be sent to you confirm that your account has been approved, proceed to final step sending debit card to you.

There are another email notification to you tell that US payment service is available and have to verified by click the link mentioned in the email.

Debit card with us bank account

I received Payoneer debit card after ten days completed final step. Remember to activate your card and set your PIN code, this PIN code which is used in the ATM withdrawals.