Pattern Lock & Pin Code Protect Data On iPhone/iPad

Are you store any important or personal data in your iPhone and iPad ? You may concern all these personal data like photo, video or contacts unauthorized access by others. The best solution is using a security app to protect all these important data and kept it in safe.Security Suite app is one of the security app that let you to do this and now is free for limited time.

Security suite app provides setting up a secret custom pattern lock for iPhone or a pin code to keep your photo, video, note or contacts in safe and secure.

Pattern Lock For iPhone

You need to set up pattern lock as first time using this security suite app, then start to import all photo and video from iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, security suite build in alarm and GPS location tracking system. If someone try and enter wrong pattern lock or a pin code, iPhone and iPad will having a alarm sound getting your attention, the GPS location tracking system will record down GPS location information and front camera (iPhone 4/4S only) will snap down the person who stole your iPhone.

pin code for iphone

Pattern lock for iPhone


Security suite designed for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Download Security Suite from iTunes app store, now is free for limited time (costs USD$2.99)

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