Password Hacking: Show Password Behind Asterisk Characters

As we login Facebook, Gmail and other website through web browsers will offer the capability of remembering usernames and passwords which makes it convenient to automatically log in to ours user account. The password we entered will mask with some asterisk characters to prevent others viewing password that we key in for security reason. However, are you know that password hacking through web browsers can show the actual password hidden behind asterisk characters ?

Facebook password hacking or Gmail password hack through web browsers without any software recovery is possible, i will show how to reveal and view the masked password hidden under the asterisks on web pages password field. So please don’t let the web page staying in log in status or close the web page without log out, thinking that password mask with asterisk characters will be more secure.


Password Hacking Through Google Chrome Or Firefox

1.As we login with username and password through Google Chrome or Firefox web browser, the password entered hidden under the asterisks.

password masked with asterisk characters


2.Now highlight the password and right click, then select inspect element from the menu.

password recovery


3.You will notice type=”password” in element view.

password hacking


4.Double click on it then change “password” to “text”. Now the hidden password will be showed.

Password Behind Asterisk


This password hacking also worked on others web browsers like IE or Opera just modified web label to text word by using web page inspection tool, the hidden password will reveal.

By the way there may be a need to view or show the actual password hidden behind asterisk characters, especially if you forgot the saved password by this password hacking.

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