MessengerDiscovery Live

Most of my friend using window live messenger and installed the add-on like MSN Shell or messenger live plus.Is there any other choice ? Maybe MessengerDiscovery Live is a choice for you.As i log in their web site and came across the word ‘MessengerDiscovery

Get Free 5GB Mailbox With Cool Address

Normally window live mail that we got are,,,now ,one of the web site, joint cooperation with Microsoft to launched a free 5GB mailbox but the special is,with domain name. is a part of Microsoft featured community program and leading source of

Pubic Hair And One Million Income

Sorry,i am not promote sex web site.Please don’t misunderstand. I am believe that we had heard about a story that a guy sold 10X10 pixel advertisement and become a millionaire.Today,i found a selling pubic hair web site. Total 5000 pubic hair to sell for

Window XP SP3 RC Formally Release

Microsoft officially announced window XP SP3 RC release and download it without any validation. According to window XP SP3 overview,these release will strengthen the security of the system and better NAP ( network access protection).the user no need to key in the production key