OpenExpert : Select Program To Open/Edit A Specify File

The normal way as we open or edit a file is double click on it or using right click menu to choose a application for each file.These applications is pre-determine in window system and may not suit for your file type.Now you can tried ‘OpenExpert’,it enables you to determine and set which applications that open your specify files.

OpenExpert adds an “Open with” item to the context menu of the chosen file type with all the applications you decided.Once installed,’ Open with ‘ will added in into right click menu and we need select ‘Add application’ adding in the program.

Then select a application used to open the file and click ‘ok’ , if can’t find the application,then click ‘Other’ to view the file.Furthermore,if the software or application supports a multiple number of file formats, you can put a check in ‘add the program to all files extensions’.


If you select “Configure OpenExpert” option, a ‘setup window’ will show to you,

↑ ↓ show the sequent to running the program.Click on the ‘Show of programs‘,all programs will appear at the right side of the window (see picture below), drag the program to ‘set up window’,the program that you selected will direct link to use it.

Now you can direct using ‘Open With‘ this function to open up any file.

Download OpenExpert .( supports Window 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP ) / freeware.