OpenDrive : Made Your Network Drive Become Thumb Drive Application

Are you still using browser interface to back up files to your network drive? Try OpenDrive with installed a small software provided by OpenDrive,’My computer’ will create a ‘OpenDrive’ drive with operation step same as thumb drive application,can create folders and also use the drag way to upload / download files.

Go to website,enter your username ,password,email and name register as a user,then you will be asking to download a software.

After reboot,Opendrive drive already created in ‘My Computer’.Double click OpenDrive, enter username and password then you can start to use opendrive drive.

There are five folders inside opendrive ( my documents,my music,my picture,my public folder and private folder ) ,each folder can edit access permission (private , public or hidden).

How about for the computer that didn’t install the software ?You can access into opendrive from ( Opendrive is powered by ) .Enter username and password that registered in opendrive,then can be login into it.

After login ,selected ‘files‘ –> ‘Manage Files‘,it will appear your folders and files,then you can download, upload or share.Moreover,you also can upload music files and play music online.

If you want sharing your upload file,picture or song to others,right click of that file and select ‘properties’,a URL link will appear ,then copy and paste the link to the browser address bar ,starting download the file.