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Most of us like to send SMS to communicate with friends or relatives, it’s quite costly if sending a plenty of SMS or international SMS. Nowadays we can use Whatsapp or LIKE these kind of instant messaging application for smartphones sending free text messages but not all having smartphone or using same instant messaging application, so we need to find alternative way send free SMS with zero cost. is a online service that can let you send free SMS without pay, just need a internet connection. allow send free SMS to most of the countries around the world without register a account. The good thing is zero cost and unlimited send free SMS text message.

Send Free SMS Text Message

First select destination country and key in phone number, then typing the SMS text messages, input captcha and click SEND SMS button, that all.

free sms


You will got the message 「Send SMS To: xxxxxxxxxxx Sent Successfully」 on the web page instantly.

I tested it sending SMS to local and abroad countries, all can send and receive successful within a minutes. Remember put a signature at end of SMS text messages like 「Send Fr XXXX 」, if not the person receive your free SMS will not know  who send it.

If you knows others online sending free SMS please share with us.

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