Oh No,Someone Duplicate My Blog Post.

Today as i using Google Analysis checking my image traffic that hosting in Google site,found that traffic are quite high in Asia region,especially from Vietnam area,as i using image traffic data compare the visitors who visited my blog from Vietnam,is only few visitors only,then i known that someone duplicate my blog post or image in my blog.

Two months ago i changed my image hosting from Flickr free account to Google site ( also called Google apps ) due to some reason and i also turned on Google Analysis to monitor my image traffic hosting in Google site.The purpose of this is finding and monitor who duplicate my image and share my image hosting.

Actually i didn’t hope that i will using Google Analysis to track and monitor my image in one day but today i need it.

This person ( i don’t know is a guy or gal ) is from Vietnam and using wordpress.com to publish the blog post.As i known there are at least 3 blog post duplicate from my blog ( one Avira and two Kaspersky freebies post).Below is the screen shot.

Compare it with my blog post from here,is it same ?First of all,the blog post title are same as my blog,then i send a warning email to this person,he/she quickly change to Vietnamese as photo above.

The main concern is the duplicate blog post still at there.Now i already giving last warning asking to delete all the duplicate post with in one hour,if not i will report to wordpress.com.

If you as me,any solution to solve it ?caused i am not sure reporting to wordpress.com can solve my problem or not.

please share your opinion.

PS: Another copycat )

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