Offline Google Maps For Android Available, Better Than Papago And Sypic ?

Google rolled out list of app updates, one was an update to Google Maps for Android which select and download a region of maps for offline access from more than 150 countries include Malaysia. This feature will benefit those who like to travel from getting lost especially you are going to a place may not have cell service, then can use offline maps with build in GPS to get positioning.

So would you thinking can throw away or no need Papago, Sygic all these smart phones GPS navigation app and rely on free offline Google Maps that provide direction ?


Download Offline Google Maps

Install latest Google Maps for Android (version 6.9), tap on menu key and select 「Make Available Offline」 from the menu and narrow the area you want to save by pan and zoom in with your finger.

offline google maps


Google Maps will show red color line as offline Google maps is not available in selected area, whereby blue color line allow to download Google maps and save in phone as offline maps.

offline google mapsoffline google maps


All downloaded offline maps locate at 「My Place」 > 「Offline」 option. However only six offline maps allow store on phone only.

offline google mapsoffline google maps


The offline Google Naps do not have all the feature of the standard Google Maps, you can’t get direction or navigation from place to place, searching place nearby and satellite view but building and street name available in offline maps display.

offline google maps


Final Thoughts

It’s not easy save an area as offline maps after tried. You need to play around by pan, zoom in and out the maps till display blue color line allow to download. I managed to download map from Penang island in Malaysia only, others place in Malaysia didn’t work.Moreover can’t get navigation from place to place, then i have to uninstall latest Google Maps version and roll back to previous version, at least allow me to save navigation offline maps with Google labs features enable.

If you are looking for simple GPS navigation on Android phone, try Naview HUD.

Are you facing same problem as using offline Google Maps for Android ?