Official LINE Paid Stickers Can’t Download Solution [Android / iPhone]

Recently LINE free giveaway four sets of LINE paid stickers for limited time to celebrate reach 200 million users. However some users complained that they cannot download these free line stickers due to excessive number of the users downloading the stickers or can’t notice free sticker downloading option appeared in the list, if you are facing this kind of problem, please follow below trick to download the stickers of LINE messenger.

How To Solve LINE Paid Stickers Can’t Download

This trick can applied to Android devices and iPhone.

  • Day 1-Brown & Cony’s Secret Date!-23/7-24/7 (line://shop/detail/1036)
  • Day 2-Cony’s Happy Work Life-24/7-25/7 (line://shop/detail/1037)
  • Day 3-Moon: Mad Angry Edition-25/7-26/7 (line://shop/detail/911)
  • Day 4-Sally: Special Edition-26/7-27/7 (line://shop/detail/912)

Start up LINE messenger app on your mobile devices, after that use Android or iPhone default build in web browser open up the link above (line://shop/detail/xxx), it’s will show up a sticker download page, click download to download the sticker or tapping on Send As a Gift to your friends.

 Line paid stickers can't download solution


Now we can download all the 4 sets for paid stickers with free easily and without check the stickers appeared in the stickers shop.

Second trick find a friend to chat by type in 「line://shop/detail/xxx」 and send, you will notice a message link appear on the screen.

LIne stickers free download solutionline messenger free stickers


Tab on the message link, you can download LINE stickers with free.