[Office 2010] How To Enable Screenshot & SmartArt In Microsoft Work 2010 ?

I have upgraded Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010 recently and satisfied with features and interface inside.The only annoying thing is i can’t use ‘screenshot’ and ‘SmartArt’ features in Microsoft Work 2010.

office2010screenshot 1

office2010screenshot 2

As you can see it,the ‘Screenshot’ icon become gray color,click ‘SmartArt’ also can’t let you perform insert and edit features.the weird thing is Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 2010 don’t have this kind of problem,try my friend PC Microsoft Work 2010,the ‘Screenshot’ feature show normal.Then use Google search for solution but can’t help ( may Office 2010 still a new product ).Finally I got the solution after try for few days.

The root cause is default save document in Microsoft Work 2010 already changed,you need to change back to Work document (*.docx).

Click ‘File’ –> ‘Options’ and choose ‘Save’,select ‘save files in this format’ with ‘Work document (*docx),click ‘OK’.

office2010screenshot 3

Now the ‘Screenshot’ icon become normal.

office2010screenshot 4