IHound : Software To Trace And Locate Your Removable Device

Nowadays most of us are using portable devices like cell phone,flash device,MP3 player or digital camera.Those product are easy and give the ‘opportunity’ to the thief to steal it.I believe that has happened to a lot of people already and become no idea how to protect it.

Now there is a cool website and allow you to install a software inside and track them as they plug in into computer and connect to internet.

IHound Software help to protect your devices and alert you as connect to the internet.It can show you the map where is the location (refer to the IP address) and sent you a email to alert you.They mostly support flash device (Kingston), MP3 player ( Nano,ipod and shuffle ),digital camera (Sony.Canon).

It currently free of charge and can trace up to 3 devices for free.I has install these software to my Ipod and it is worked.

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