No Software For Playback.Don’t Worry,Use Make Instant Player

Sometimes we will encounter after download the video clip or the movie,the player won’t having a corresponding decoder playing the video,then we guess that the video or movie that we downloaded have problem.As for me,my computer didn’t install any decoder package such as K-Lite codes pack,so how to play the video file like RMVB file ?Now i present to you is Make Instant Player,without any player installed in your computer,still can playing the video or movie.

Actually Make Instant Player a converter, video files will be converted to executable file and integrated MPlayer inside, this is actually using the MPlayer to complete tasks.

-2008 11-46-26 AM

I tried a video clip (size 36MB) convert to exe.file,it only took 15 second to complete it with size 42MB converted,then just double click on exe file and running it.

8-27-2008 11-48-12 AM