Navier HUD: Free And Turn By Turn GPS Navigation Android App

Google Maps turn by turn GPS navigation on Android phone are available in US and Europe countries only (Malaysia is not in the list),some people would like hacking their Android phone to enable Google Maps with turn by turn navigation as located on others countries that no turn by turn supported.Now you not to be worried with using an Android app Navier HUD which enable GPS navigation (turn by turn function) on your Android phone without any hacking, this app also is free for download.

Normally GPS navigation app have to download offline maps then the file size will become bigger. Navier HUD Android app will integrated with build in Google Maps and equipped with Head-up Display (HUD), all GPS navigation details display on windshield as car GPS navigation in which driver gets information without move attention away from windshield.

This free GPS navigation app developed by a Taiwanese with file size around 800 KB only.We can use Naview HUD as you are joking, driving or biking with its speech GPS navigation. In navigation panel we can arrange the layout with compass, average speed, routing instruction, moving distance and many more to fit your usage.

navier hud GPS navigation

Navier HUD GPS Navigation

1.Select your destination by tab on screen (a flag appear) or key in by address.

navier hud navigation using google maps


2.Then tab on Start navigation, it’s will starting guide you to destination (turn on Google location). English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages are supported for Navier HUD.

navier hud navigation


3.Navier Hud turn on speech navigation to assist you to destination which can use as car GPS navigation.

navier hud with speech navigation


4.We can set Head-up Display (HUD) as default in Navier HUD setting option to let navigation display on car windshield.

navier hud navigation

navier hud navigation



All the destination and panel layout can be sync with Google account for your reference.


I tried set destination from Ipoh town to PLUS highway and it’s given correct guidance finally. Since Navier HUD is a free Android app and it’s must having ads banner appeared definitely, if you are need GPS navigation with Google Maps, Navier HUD is a good choice for you.

Download Navier HUD from Google Play.

PS: Turn on Google location need data usage, be caution.