Naver LINE Stickers Hack For iPhone

Recently i had wrote few posts regarding LINE stickers hack for iPhone and android phone users that allowing to download free Naver LINE stickers which are not available on their region. However some readers commented that the trick mentioned in the post is not worked again, plus LINE app for iPhone and android already updated to 3.4.0 version recently may caused some of the loophole to be fixed, it’s not easy to get Naver LINE stickers free download again.

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If you wish to get Naver stickers free download for iPhone that only available in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan or Korea, here a new LINE stickers hack for iPhone (jailbreak or non jailbreak).


Naver LINE Stickers Hack

First uninstall LINE app for iPhone then install back again, need verified with phone number , link your email and Facebook accounts with LINE app (this 3 steps are important), stop LINE app running at background after procedure mention above completed.

Now using iTools to edit iPhone plist file. iTools is powerful file manager for iPhone or iPad. Download iTools English version application and installed, click on edit file icon starting to edit plist file format.

iTools edit LINE plist file


Visit path Library > Preferences > jp.naver.line.plist, then back up this file to your computer desktop. Delete jp.naver.line.plist file on iPhone after back up.

Back up LINE plist


This time start running LINE app again. Log in with your email address and it’s will skip phone number verification step automatically.

Don’t do anything and need to stop LINE app running at background again. Use iTools application visit path to Library > Preferences > jp.naver.line.plist, open jp.naver.line.plist file and find two string vales as below

  • <key>lastOpRevisionl</key>
  • <key>nextRequestSequence</key>

Note down the number in between <integer> XXXX </integer>. In here i note down 118 and 8192 these two number.

Edit LINE plist file


Download plist editor for Windows and installed. In this step you have to open up plist file that back up on computer desktop and find

  • <key>lastOpRevisionl</key>
  • <key>nextRequestSequence</key>

Now you need to copy the numbers (118 and 8192) that you note down before and replace to it, second step is looking down to find two more string vales

  • <key>Region</key>
  • <key>tel</key>

Change your region to JP (Japan), delete two lines data and save it.

LINE stickers hack for iPhone


Finally using iTools transfer jp.naver.line.plist file on computer desktop to replace jp.naver.line.plist file contained on iPhone. Now start up LINE app on iPhone and go to stickers shop, you will notice lot of free LINE stickers Japan download available.

Download LINE stickers japan


Please take note don’t tab on 「Add friends」, 「My Stickers」, 「Your Profile or Account」, this will bring back to your original region and can’t download free stickers on Japan. What you need is downloading prefer Naver stickers, at the time choose back your original region during registration, select setting > stickers > my stickers, all the line sticker free download at Japan region appeared on stickers available option, tab it and download again then can use it for free.

If you are preferred Naver stickers for Thailand, Taiwan or Indonesia, change JP to TH, TW or ID. That all.

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