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I wrote a post
how to use Google Map viewing online magazines last year but seem not so much publication available base on category.Actually i was using ‘‘ to read and view all the online magazines,this website collected most of popular magazines in the world ( English language ).Unfortunately, closed on October last year due to copyright issue.

The good news is website is back now.

Currently provided 17 categories, thousands of publications available for free online reading from common computer network, home life, fashion, entertainment gossip, comic books to political reading materials.

We not only can browse the entire magazine by page to page,also can search and read single page directly.Moreover,we can added single page magazine to the ‘Favorite’ in Magazines .net to bookmark it,then we can read it later as we free.

The most interesting thing is allow us to compile all the favorite single page magazines content into our own make publication,so we can use this sharing with your friends.

Go to and sign up,then you can select magazine by category,top ranked,recent published etc.After magazine selected,click ‘read’ icon to view it online by Firefox or IE web browser without install any reading software.

You also can preview all the entire pages containing in the magazine.

How to compile favorite single page magazine into own make publication ?

1.As found your favorite single page magazine,click ‘red heart’ icon saving it into account.

2.After compile all your favorite single page to your own make publication,then can sharing with others directly.

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