MyFax With Free Internet Fax Service

If you plan to fax two or three pages of document, i will advise you to use free internet fax provider. Besides you can get the free internet fax providers from is another best choice for you.

MyFax is an Internet fax provider, in addition to pay-type services, they also through the free internet fax to expand their potential customers. You no need register as a user using free fax service provided by, just fill in the fax number and select the files as fax document only.

MyFax supports 41 countries fax services. The limitation are;

  • File type restrictions: support for DOC, PPT, Excel, PDF, etc. 178 kinds of file formats (more details please visit here ).
  • File size limit: Maximum 10MB and not more than 10 pages.
  • Send the number page of restrictions: 2 times send the fax per person per day limited.


MyFax Internet Fax

1.Log in to free MyFax service, enter in sender information especially email address (MyFax will send a conformation link to validate the email), the recipients details and fax number.


2.Then upload the files that need to send and click ‘Send Fax’ icon. Don’t forget to validate the email link that sending by, begin sending the fax after email conformation.If sending failed, try sending fax twice, email will inform the users of the final results. is one of the free internet fax provider that support most of Asian countries fax number.

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