How To Move Photos To Others Album On Facebook

Facebook users like to upload and share photos, sometimes we will not well organize all photos uploaded to Facebook and found that some photos already wrong uploading to other photo album. Now Facebook provide transfer or move photos from one album to another photo album option to all Facebook users, it’s more convenient if want to transfer and move photos to different photo album in Facebook account.

Normal practice we will delete wrong uploading photos in Facebook photo album and then upload photos again if found the photos are not locate at correct photo album, it’s annoying to repeat all uploading jobs.Facebook provide 「Move To Other Album」 option let you move photos to different photo album easily, this eliminates the need delete photo and upload it again to a different album job.


Move Photos To Different Photo Album On Facebook

1.Log in account and click your Facebook name locate at top left, then click 「Photo」 option. All the Photo album displayed out accordingly.

facebook photos


2.Open Facebook photo album that want to move photos to others album and click 「Edit Album」 start the edit mode.

Edit album on Facebook


3.Hover over your mouse to photo that you want to move it and click down arrow button, select 「Move To Other Album」 from the option menu.

Move photos to others album


4.Select final destination photo album from drop down menu in dialog box,then click  「Move Photo」 starting move the photos from current album to another photo album.

facebook photos


With these similar routine you can transfer and move any photos on Facebook photo album to selected album easily, no need delete and upload photo to Facebook frequently.