Monopoly Millionaires : Monopoly Game On Facebook Now

Monopoly now can play with free on facebook,called ‘Monopoly Millionaires‘ which combines classic board game and social features to make more engaging for Facebook gamers.

You may curious how we to play Monopoly Millionaires on line at the same time,is different from normal monopoly game to build house and hotel or having dice roll ? You and your friend will getting different game board respectively with adding house and hotel is in your own board but rolling dice need go to your friend’s game board.No need to ‘buy’ land adding house or hotel.

You can make money after building house in game board through

  • When your friend visit as stop at the house
  • Get the rent automatically as specific period

Use construction menu, you can build different house levels,each house produced different rental rate.Once completed a set house with same color, then will a reward.

When the house same color in a line, it will automatically start to build hotel, but the hotel building is not so simple, because we must rely on gather some investors to have hotel completed.Moreover,it will not generate rent automatically and depend your friend.

Apart of it,you can upgrade the building house level to generate more rent.How to upgrade ? Then you need to visit your friend board regularly collecting property card.For example, the yellow lots having New York, Tennessee and St. James three places, you must collect a property card each to upgrade the housing lots.

You will get rent automatically at every specific period ( it’s show 5 minutes in Monopoly Millionaires) but in ‘enough electric power’ condition.A electric company added into Monopoly Millionaires game to let you purchase electricity to maintain your monopoly city power.

For example, you can spend 10 Monopoly money buy a two hours electricity power to maintain getting rent,because we not always stay in front of the computer playing Facebook game,so we have to spend Monopoly money to buy electricity to maintain rent collection.

Since we already build house in our monopoly board to generate rent income automatically,then can we not going visit our friend board ? To avoid gamers breaking the game rules, Monopoly Millionaires also designed so that we must go to someone game board else throw the dice rules.

Just like classic games,after completed one round you will reward $200,if you land of chance you will getting bonus card or even go to jail.

We observed that Monopoly Millionaires has brought some new features.However some of the features can’t link together.

Monopoly Millionaires is a new launching Facebook game,it is recommended you give it a try and we look forward to continuous improvement .

Monopoly Millionaires :

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