Momiga : Most Minimalist iOS Game In iTunes Store,You Must Try It

Today i got a free limited time iOS game called Momiga,is most minimalist game in iTunes store.How minimalist ? Let see the screenshot below,


I really don’t know how to play Momiga iOS game as started,it’s only have one button,one beep (game sound) and one dot only,can’t find any description in iTunes Store.After try several time,then i known how to play Momiga game.

It’s really simple.You need to carry the dot from left to right only by tapping the screen in different way in each level.The dot must stop at right side and then can process to second level.That all.

Although Momiga is most minimalist game in iTunes store and playing method also simple,but it’s actual is difficult as playing Momiga for some time,it’s was quite challenge.


Momiga designed for iPhone only,requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Download Momiga (Free for limited time).

PS: I  managed pass through level 11 after play for half an hour,so what is your score ?