Minimem:Optimize PC Memory

Some of the PC users will using computer memory optimizers software to reduce memory usage then release more free memory for others running programs,this is not a good ways since most of this memory optimizers software are use virtual memory instead in order to achieve reduce memory usage,you will felt that PC response slow if running the same application or program again.

Minimem is a memory optimizer software that reduce memory page as possible from the selected application or program to achieve memory usage reduction.Minimem can use for;

  • Office software like Microsoft office that usually they take up a higher memory resources.
  • Memory leaks software such as Firefox.
  • Running multiple application or program at the same time that caused memory usage high.
  • Some old PC that don’t have enough memory installed.

Minimem requires minimum Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.

Download Minimem with installer 1.3

Download (Portable Minimem 1.3 by Wongsk Blog ).

The application you need to memory optimized put it into left hand side and click ‘Optimize now’,let Minimem to optimize it automatically.

If you want Minimem always implement memory usage optimization,please uncheck ‘Do not optimizes if overall available >300MB this options.

Below is my PC screen shot the different before and after using Minimem software.

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