Microsoft Security Essentials Review

There are several Microsoft Security Essentials ( MSE ) review articles in internet after MSE final version released.Most of this review articles mentioned that the performance of this security software are ‘Very Good’ ( you can refer this review ).I personally not 100% trust these kind of reviews and then i run the MSE testing in my PC to check how good of this software.

I having a virus samples ( total 1068 files ),insides 1000 samples are confirmed malicious treated,the remain are false positive virus.

The goal is the security software should be able to detect at least 1000 virus samples.

MS Window :Window XP SP3 with lasted full Microsoft updated.
Software testing :Microsoft Security Essentials final version and Avast Home Edition ( For Comparison )

Microsoft Security Essentials

The MSE running quite smooth in my PC but the memory usage are quite high.There are 2 processes by MSE named msseces,exe and MsMpEng.exe which takes up ~70MB during idle and scanning condition.


Scanning Virus Sample

It took around 13 minutes scanning 1068 virus sample which folder size 51MB.

Total detect :938 viruses ( miss 130 viruses ).
Detect rate :87.82 %


Moreover,it also take time to clean up the detection virus.

Avast Home Edition

Memory usage are low compare with Microsoft Security Essentials which takes up ~ 23MB totally.Virus samples take less than 30 second scanning.

avasttest 2

Total detect :1034 viruses ( miss 34 viruses ).
Detect rate :96.81 %

avasttest 1

After compare the results,MSE didn’t meet the goal that should be able to detect at least 1000 virus samples and also take time to complete the whole scanning.I personally will not install MSE in my PC because there are other better options for free anti-virus software in market.

How about you ? Will you install MSE into your PC ?

PS:This testing is for virus detection and memory usage only,others application won’t discuss here.

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