Microsoft Office 2013 Touch Mode Enable [How To]

As we know, Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15) not only giving metro interface with more tablet-friendly, for instance: Microsoft claims that you’ll “experience Office at its best on Windows 8 devices” but new cloud connectivity given the option to sign in to Office with your Windows live account saves the document to SkyDrive by default.

Besides that Microsoft has made Microsoft Office 2013 work on Windows touch screen-based device like Windows 8. OneNote and Lync office applications are designed as first new Windows 8 metro style apps in this new Office 2013 version, deliver touch-first experiences on a tablet.

You may curious where the touch mode button or icon hide in Microsoft Office 2013. Actually touch mode will turn on by default for touch screen-based devices for the Office 2013 version of Windows 8 according to Microsoft, if Office 2013 installed in Windows 7 system then you have to need activate touch mode manually.


Enable Microsoft Office 2013 Touch Mode

1.Launch any office 2013 programs (Excel or Word).

2.Right click on arrow down button and select 「Touch Mode」 from menu.

microsoft office 2013 touch mode


3.A touch mode button added to quick access toolbar.

microsoft office 2013 touch mode


4.Click or tab the touch mode button to enable touch mode feature, it’s add a little space around button then we can tab the button easily on touch screen-based devices.

microsoft office 2013 touch mode

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