MF Shutdown Manager: Run Shutdown,Restart,Standby Others Sepecify Tasks In Windows

Sometimes we can use Windows task scheduler to perform an operation such as clean all browsing history and cookie as shutdown computer, restart computer then start running a program etc that computer will carry out automatically at the times your specify, but it’s quite troublesome for normal windows users to specify a condition to trigger a task. MF Shutdown Manager may lead help you in this kind of manner easy for those Windows users to have task scheduler job.

MF Shutdown Manager build in task like shutdown, restart, standby, lock off, alarm and etc, each specify task can trigger others useful features such as web browser clean up, launching a program or others. It’s easy to set up.


MF Shutdown Manager

As you want to perform web browser clean up during shut down PC, try select 「 Shutdown 」 in Task drop down menu,

MF shutdown manager


Choose 「 Cleanup 」 tab and now can select which application that you can to perform during shutdown the PC by putting a check.

MF shutdown manager


You can use it as shoutdown software, go back to main Windows, set the time you want to shut down PC by Relative mode or Absolute mode, then will starting shut down PC specify task.

You can running others specify task with same method mentioned above.

MS Shutdown Manager: