MessenPass ; Tool For Retrieve Back Instant Messenger ID/Password

Most of us use instant messenger like WLM/MSN,YM or Google Taik communicate to other as online,some of them will have multiple instant messenger ID.Are you experience forgot your ID or password ?normally you will sent the personnel information to retrieve back ID and password.Is there any simple action to retrieved back all these ID or password.

We can use
MessenPass this recovery tool to get back your ID and password.MessenPass support instant messenger as below;

  1. Window live messenger/MSN
  2. Yahoo Messenger
  3. Google Talk
  4. ICQ Lite
  5. Trilian
  6. Pidgin
  7. Miranda

You need to download MessenPass and executed the software,then all your instant messenger ID and password will displayed on your computer screen as below; sshot 1

Moreover,you can installed into the pendrive with MessenPass unistall support.

PS:Don’t use for illegal activity.