MessengerDiscovery Live

Most of my friend using window live messenger and installed the add-on like MSN Shell or messenger live plus.Is there any other choice ?

Maybe MessengerDiscovery Live is a choice for you.As i log in their web site and came across the word ‘MessengerDiscovery Live add extra features to WLM that are not include by Microsoft ‘.I wonder what are the features that not include by Microsoft then log in to feature,below are some of the features,

  • see contact who has delete you
  • messages receive count
  • messages sent count
  • alert when a contact come online,goes off line,delete you,add you
  • Remove your ‘is typing’ messages
  • block application invite
  • message flood protection
  • and many more

I am more interesting in message flood protection feature.I am already download it and try to experience the powerful features that mentioned in their web site.

Download here