Merge Streams : Hide Excel And Word Document Each Other

Some of you maybe hear about or knew how to hide a txt.file inside a photo to kept some secret.If you wanted to hide a Excel or word document,then how ? you can use ‘Merge streams’ to get it done.

Merge streams can help you hide MS Excel dicument inside MS Word document or vice versa.It easy to use,just browse the Excel and Word files and click ‘Merge’,that all.

merge streams-1

There are without any file or document created after ‘Merge’ application completed.If the Excel document is need to hide into Word document,then change Word document ‘doc’ suffix to ‘xls’ by selected ‘Rename’ application.

What you get it after change the doc suffix ? you will noticed that the Word document change to Excel files that you need to hide it or vice versa .Nobody will knowing there are some ‘magic’ between MS Excel and MS Word document,then you can using this method to sent some secret document,just told the person to rename the file suffix after received the file.

Download Merge Streams and supports Window 9x/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP only.