mdAxelerator : Create New Folder Application With 0.3 Second

Normally under the Windows Explorer to add a folder,the step is with right click > New > folder. If your work is often need to add folders, it’s was quite annoying and tedious. You can use mdAxelerator to help you.

Create Windows Folder With mdAxelerator

mdAxelerator only 40 KB file size will allow us to set new folder shortcuts, for example we can set Ctrl + Z, as long as press the shortcuts, a new folder will create quickly. After installed the program,a small icon will appear in system tray. Right click the icon and choose ‘Setting’ , we can set shortcuts here, and add the default folder name,


 mdAxelerator create Windows folder



In addition, we also can set program loading during the start up and hidden the icon in the ‘Setting ‘ set up wizard.

Download mxAxelerator v0.02.