Marcium Reflect : Free Backup And Recover Window System Software

A month ago i received emails from my weblog reader asking any freeware that can backup the whole window system then restore back if Window OS getting problem ? cause such as Norton Ghost and Acronics True Image are shareware.So,today i would like to share with you a free backup software that called ‘Macrium Reflect’.

Normally computer inflected by virus,hardware or software installed issued and other will causing computer unstable performance,then we can’t fixed it or finding the solution and the last choice is format the pc.If you are a lucky person,your pc will be good performance condition after formatted but there will be another issue if you are unlucky.

I seldom formatting my pc.I always trying many software application in my pc and using Macrium Reflect to backup my window system,so if i pc unstable,then i restore back to previous system point,nothing will be lost.

Macrium Reflect is a file backup and disk imaging sotware using Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) .The disk image can store at network, USB, harddisk and DVD.There are two versions for Macrium Reflect; free and full versions. For our home users,free version is enough to us.We can create the image partition in our computer hard disk and rescue CD with Macrium Reflect free version,then we can use this CD or DVD to restore back the Window system if Window can’t boot up.

1.Download Macrium Reflect free version and installed.Then run the software to create a image by select ‘Backup’ –> ‘Create Image’.

2.Backup wizard appear,click ‘Next’ and select which partition you want created,example C:Drive,then click ‘Next’

3.Backup desination wizard showed.Here i create a folder and rename ‘Marcium’ under D drive to store the image ,then click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.The imaging will start created.

4.After disk image created,you have to create the Rescue CD.This rescue CD can help you install back the Window system if pc can’t start up.

5.Select ‘Other Task –>’Create Rescue CD’

6.Use ‘Linux’ option and click ‘Next’,then insert a blank CD or DVD into CD/DVD drive and click’Finish’,Macrium Reflect will help create a rescue CD for you.

How to recover your PC with Linux rescue CD,please follow the tutorials part I and Part II .

Due to netbook are quite popular now and these netbook are no CD/DVD drive build in,so if need to create a rescue CD,is quite troublesome.The alternative choice is create a bootable Linux USB stick.Just follow these instruction.

Macrium Reflect free version supports Window XP/Vista only.